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Specialized Historic Home Renovation & Restoration

With special privileges comes special responsibility. If you live or operate a home or property that is deemed “architecturally significant”, it is often required that updates are completed by a team certified in historic home restorations. To preserve its time-tested beauty, there can also be restrictions on building materials used and square footage increases.

The good news is, Forest Ridge Builders specializes in home remodeling and historic home renovations. We proudly serve communities in Chester, Lancaster, Berks, Montgomery and Philadelphia County! We’ve been in the historic home restoration business for many years, so we know just what it takes to update a home while still honoring its beautiful historic charm. No matter the style, size, or scale of your historic home renovation project, Forest Ridge Builders is here to restore your building to its former glory! Give us a call or contact us online to get a free estimate on our home restoration services.

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How Our Home Restoration Services Enhance Your Property

Remodeling a historic home requires a unique approach and the right partner. Forest Ridge Builder’s historic home restoration services are not a one-size-fits-all scenario, rather a personalized process dependent on each situation. Regardless of the materials, location, or time-frame, we’re confident our old home restoration contracts will:

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Local Old Home Renovations in Chester County

Total historic home restorations and small updates alike depend on the quality and creativity. Whether it’s the place you live or a historical society you operate, old home renovation services is eventually something you’ll need to consider! Some of these updates may include:

  • Re-roofing
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Upgrading walkways and staircases
  • Remodeling exteriors
  • Replicating traditional construction
  • Modernizing interiors
  • Finishing basements or attics
  • And so much more!

Craving a little inspiration for your historic home renovation in Lancaster, Berks, Chester, Montgomery or Philadelphia? Check out our online gallery of recently completed historic work and contact us today to get a quote on your own ideas!

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Even though they may appreciate the craftsmanship of your historic home, not all contractors understand it. By partnering with Forest Ride Builders for your old home renovation, you partner with a certified, fully insured, local business dedicated to honoring the character of your structure.

Every historic home restoration requires careful attention to detail and exquisite workmanship. Our crews and designers work tirelessly to ensure your experience with our home restoration services is one that exceeds all your expectations. Let the talented team of old home restoration contractors at Forest Ridge Builders help you feel confident about your remodel. Get started today with a free quote by contacting us today!