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large historic home with large wood deck

High Quality Historic Home Renovation

Modernize your older home in Chester County, PA.

Many older houses in Pennsylvania benefit from renovation projects to upgrade and beautify the premises. If you've considered undertaking residential improvements to make your home in Chester County more comfortable, Forest Ridge Builders possesses the design and building skills to transform your dreams into reality with a historic home renovation.

In the past, architects designed many lovely older homes without including amenities that people often regard as essential today. Modern Pennsylvania homeowners can sometimes enjoy significant increases in the market value of their residential properties by making certain types of changes to stately older dwellings:

  • Modernize the kitchen or bathrooms to meet contemporary standards
  • Adding or enlarging rooms to feel more spacious
  • Replace worn asphalt shingles with an attractive, strong metal, cedar, or slate roof
  • Use PVC and fiber cement products instead of wooden siding and windows
  • Replace narrow, steep interior staircases with safer, wider stairways
  • Offer handicap accessibility improvements
  • Finish basements and attics to significantly expand the size of functional living areas
  • Add a garage or additional special purpose rooms

By upgrading residential properties to include trendy popular features, households usually enjoy a more comfortable quality of life. However, the process of renovating an old home requires skill and craftsmanship in order to help ensure that the improvements don't destroy the charming ambiance of attractive existing features.

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Renovating an Old Home with Careful Attention to Detail

Forest Ridge Builders helps people with every phase of historic home renovation. Rely on our remodeling contractors for assistance with the complex process of refurbishing and renewing an aging property. Our services include:

Our attention to detail and emphasis upon high quality craftsmanship at every phase of the updating process helps our clients in Chester County obtain excellent value. We take great pride in performing exceptional work when we undertake the important process of renovating an old home.

The Benefits of Historic Home Renovation

By retaining us to undertake historic home renovation, clients enjoy the benefit of our extensive experience in this field. Although individual circumstances differ significantly sometimes, many strong reasons motivate the owners of older properties to seek interior and exterior remodeling upgrades. These benefits may include:

  • Obtaining more comfortable living conditions
  • Enhancing the curbside appeal of an older dwelling
  • Improving property values
  • Attracting the interest of tenants or purchasers
  • Adding important safety features
  • Increasing entertaining options
  • Preserving an older home's charming ambiance while updating the premises

Every historic home makeover requires careful attention to detail and workmanship. We excel in planning and carrying out well designed historic home renovation projects. Our strong work ethic and emphasis upon fine craftsmanship will help you achieve the types of improvements you want, while enabling you to retain the most attractive features of your older home.

Let the experienced team at Forest Ridge Builders help oversee all phases of your historic home remodel project. We exercise care and consideration renovating an old home. Our experience in assisting property owners with this type of important project in Chester County, Pennsylvania makes us the perfect choice for your next residential improvement project.

inside shot of historic home with renovated stone fireplace

Achieve a Successful Renovation of Your Older Home

Contact Forest Ridge Builders at 717-587-2733 to explore how we can assist you in achieving a successful historic home renovation of your older home in the Chester County area. We possess the experience and skills to help you update and renovate your home to include attractive modern conveniences. Our high quality work will enhance your home!